A downloadable game

A Very Minimal, Scalable UE4 Powered Third Person Ragdoll Platformer Game with performance in mind.

KTA is a very minimalist GTA-Styled Third person Platformer game with a Sandbox mode and a bunch of maps to check out

With Unreal engine power, I've managed to stitch up a quick game with animated ragdolls, Good animations, and NPCs!, with lots of maps!

!!!! PLEASE READ !!!!

The Maps I'm porting aren't the best / Most functional maps, Please bare with me as i reimport thousands of assets from old maps and spend several hours recompiling shaders & blueprints.

Archive Program

Here's the download to all archives before 0.0.6:


Please scroll down if you're using a version older than 1.9. The controls for 1.9 are in the game, otherwise read further!


(1.3-1.5 Users Read below)

Notable Controls

L - Reset

Q - Choose a prop (using scroll wheel)

Shift - Run

W A S D - Movement

X - Ragdoll

Right Bracket - Map Chooser

M - Change character model 


U - Health Debug Colors

B - Low Graphics Mode

BACKSPACE - Enable Post Processing

Install instructions

Installation is very simple yet very complicated if you do not know how to navigate ITCH.IO.

Download the version you would like

The version control system works a little something like this:

There's three downloads:

- The last Updated version

- The Second to last updated version

- The most recent version

(Yes these go in the order they are mentioned)

(if you would like to try Older versions, refer to the google drive link for the Archives!)

After downloading, Your ZIP may look something like this.

These are the names the versions go by.

Open the <VERSION> Folder inside. (Only One!)

Open the WindowsNoEditor Folder.

Now it should look like this.

If so, that means you have a fresh copy of KTA. 

From here, Run the KTA.exe And enjoy your game!

Please Like this game (or do whatever itch users do to like games) if you enjoy!


KTA2.0R2.zip 748 MB
KTA2.0R3.zip 750 MB
KTA2.0R4.zip 752 MB

Development log

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How to change map?


Press M


can u add real guns not like the props but unreal engine guns


and new maps and stuff


one more thing , melee weapons


Yes! I have been planning future updates for these stuffs for a while now, it's coming in KTA 2.0. You can stay updated on KTA 2.0 here: https://discord.gg/xgWzz3Gz


Yes, I have been planning to make a shooter game for KTA as a KTA 2.0 feature. 


whens the release date of kta 2.0? its just i cant wait to play it 


Can you also add grenades and taking cover


There’s no definite release date, Programming it is hard since UE4 systems cost hundreds of dollars, so i have to find workarounds.


Hey! Cousin of the creator here! Expect some BIG things coming including multiplayer and stuff like that. For more info join this! https://discord.gg/xgWzz3Gz


Which one do we need to install? I do not understand.

(1 edit) (+1)

Install the version you want to play. (Example: 1.4 Is the most recent version, Install the ZIP file and run the executable from the WindowsNoEditor/ Folder.)




You're Very Welcome!